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Concept of talent

Dongyeong Cold Plaza is a place where
people always learning and growing constantly to bring joy
to customers gathered.

This is the starting line of respect for man´s life and dignity, the management philosophy of Dongyeong.

– Concept of talent

  • A sincere and active person

  • An honest and truthful person rather than being perfect

  • A person who can emphasize teamwork and work with others

  • A person with habituated cleanliness mind of clean workplace

– Human Resources Policy

Common ability management theory

Personnel management is based on the tradition with an emphasis on talent inherited by the company’s founding philosophy and management philosophy and has been maintained and developed institutionally to contribute to lively corporate culture.
President Kim emphasized his unique ‘common ability management theory’ in the sense of pursuing activation of the organization by evenly cherishing and training people.

He said, “There is nothing even a genius alone can do in a diverse and complicated society like today. In this society, it is difficult for a person alone to study even in the laboratory. In addition, a person alone cannot win in the competition of the company surrounded by the fierce competition. Therefore, a company requires five common people who can combine forces than one genius.”

He pointed out that the business organization moves vividly when there are many common people who can work together.
By doing so, relations with other teams as well as a team where he belongs become smooth and synergistic effects can be brought through the harmony of teamwork.

Stage management theory

In addition, putting forth his ‘stage management theory’ arguing “A company is a stage and employees are actors. And the president is a director directing them. Therefore, the biggest mission of the management is to provide sufficient conditions so that employees can show their ability to the maximum.”President Kim requested the staff to trust people and support them to work hard.

President Kim’s common ability management theory can be seen to result from long sea life.
Because he learned the philosophy in boundless sea life that dragging and lifting a net is possible only when all not alone work together and experientially deeply felt the fact that if a problem arises in this teamwork, the performance cannot be achieved.

Such HR management starts on the basis of respect for human life and operating system is conducted by revealing the characteristics by business group.