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Company philosophy

This is the company philosophy of Dongyeong Cold Plaza, the ‘Logistics Center of Northeast Asia’.

There is Dongyeong Cold Plaza, a company being the logistics center of Northeast Asia.

In the 21st century Pacific Rim Era, Dongyeong Cold Plaza is to be the leading role of international trade in Northeast Asia by being a base as an international logistics NETWORK organically connecting international main frozen, refrigerated logistics centers such as Japan, China, Russia, etc. as well as Busan, the Korea’s largest port city beyond the concept of simple frozen warehouse.

– Company philosophy

  • Management brining joy to our customers

    Customers are the business base of the company and existence grounds for Dongyeong.
    Dongyeong always thinks together with customers and makes a decision from the customer’s point of view.
    We will always make customers happy and develop with our customers.

  • Management respecting people

    We respect each member of the organization as one independent human being.
    We will train our members into excellent talent by supporting them to grow through work.

  • Management creating new value

    Dongyeong will constantly provide new value to the society.
    By strengthening the organizational capability,
    we will have challenging and innovative management pursuing and realizing higher ideals and excellence.

– Code of conduct

  • Kindly

    The first purpose of Dongyeong people is to be always aware that the frozen warehouse business is not the simple storage business but service and think and act so that visitors visiting our company cannot forget our smile and kindness.

  • Accurately

    The second purpose of Dongyeong people is to remove errors when warehousing and releasing goods of the shipper stored in the warehouse and have the mind working together to give faith to the shipper by identifying the correct number.

  • Promptly

    The third purpose of Dongyeong people is to keep in mind that shippers and outside visitors visiting the company are people trying to save time of even 1 minute and give faith to customers through prompt work and behavior.