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Company history

This is the history of Dongyeong Cold Plaza,
the ‘Logistics Center of Northeast Asia’.

  • 2015.04.29Affiliate separation from Dongwon Group
  • 2012.09.01Company split (295 Wonyang-ro Seo-gu) /
    CEO Kim Hyeon-seok inaugurated(present)
  • 2010.08.12Acquired registration of EU fishery products export plant (1,2 plant)
  • 2008.08.25Completed Dongyeong Cold Plaza 2nd plant
  • 2006.08.24The groundbreaking ceremony of Dongyeong Cold Plaza 2nd plant
  • 1999.11.10Started the business of frozen warehouse
  • 1999.10.25Completed the building of frozen warehouse 1st plant
  • 1999.03.08Renamed into “Dongyeong Cold Plaza Co., Ltd.”
  • 1997.01.145th CEO president Kim Jae-un inaugurated
  • 1996.08.23Building permission of frozen warehouse
  • 1979.04.09Expansion of frozen warehouse
  • 1976.11.08Company founding. Capital of 60 million won, Buk-gu, Busan