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About facilities

You can look around the facilities including
floor information of Dongyeong Cold Plaza.

We provide the best customer satisfaction services through the best location conditions, best equipment, best management.

- Guide to the inside (Facilities)

Rooftop heliport, moving rack, cryogenic storage warehouse, official duties part, meeting room, bathroom, releasing office, open unloading dock, warehousing office, warehousing & releasing booth, inspection space, freezing room

4~10st SUPER FRESH COOLER temperature and humidity automatic control SYSTEM
3st Moving RACK equipment
1st Maintaining the 1st floor OVERHEAD DOOR & DOCK AIR SHELTER ambient temperature and low temperature
DOCK adjustment for convenient loading and unloading of DOCK LEVELER
B2st Binary refrigeration SYSTEM, cryogenic SYSTEM of 60℃ below zero

- floor information

1F Photos of facilities

  • Entrance

  • Unloading dock

  • Unloading dock (releasing building)

  • Field office

2F~3F Photos of facilities

  • Releasing office, management team

  • Releasing office

  • Inspection room

  • Electric room

Official duty room Photos of facilities

  • Control room in official duty room

  • Control room

  • Control room

  • CCTV control room monitors