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Welcome to Dongyeong Cold Plaza,
the ‘Logistics Center of Northeast Asia’.

As a bridgehead of the Northeast Asian logistics outpost, Dongyeong Cold Plaza will create the myth of the frozen, refrigerated logistics in Asia.

Growing into a compound refrigerated warehouse through founding period and leaping period, Dongyeong Cold Plaza is accelerating the service development one step closer to customers based on this.
The greatest driving force of this growth is people, that is, workers of Dongyeong and you customers.

For the last 17 years engaged in the refrigerated warehouse storage business, Dongyeong has strongly promoted the creative and active corporate culture creation as well as growth of business.
We believe that our corporate culture being flexible yet following the principles and pursuing the competition and challenge based on it will advance tomorrow of “Dongyeong family” as the best in the industry.

The way to repay the constant trust and love of customers is to not only provide better services and systems but practice responsible management to faithfully fulfill the corporate social responsibility.
We will carry out social contribution activities with a constant interest in the difficulties of the community and will be a company sharing more and growing together.

In 2017, we Dongyeong Cold Plaza are leaping powerfully.

Based on more advanced operational know-how of the world’s largest frozen and refrigerated warehouse, we are constantly trying like improving the distribution system, price stability and supply of fresh food by being a bridgehead as the advanced base of Northeast Asian Logistics as well as Korea in order to create the myth of new Asia frozen, refrigerated logistics from Gamcheon Port in Busan under the vision of “A company being the center of refrigerated logistics of Northeast Asia” and actively responding to the import and export of increasing stored products and will also make an effort to create the kindest, most accurate, fastest and best frozen warehouse in the world by doing our best such as the obtaining of foreign money by securing frozen, refrigerated cargo volume of EU, Japan, China, Russia and East Asia etc.

Thank you.

Dongyeong Cold Plaza CEOKim Hyeon-seok