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The following is equipment and features,
capacity of Dongyeong Cold Plaza.

We provide the best customer satisfaction services through the best location conditions, best equipment, best management.

Dongyeong Cold Plaza is the Asia’s largest refrigerated warehouse shipping frozen marine products to the world’s major ports.

We remove errors when warehousing and releasing goods of the shipper stored in the warehouse and provide services to give faith to the shipper by identifying the correct number.

– Facilities and Features

  • 60,000TON class with all the SF class, F class, C&F class
  • TRUCK BERTH of the whole length 150M that can accommodate the cargo of 40 vehicles in the same number
  • Installation of about 9,400 moving RACKs enabling fast and safe warehousing and releasing
  • Easy storage of various kinds through division of chilled room of 12,000 tons into 8 rooms, temperature management function
  • Fast warehousing and releasing of container cargo with 4 dock levelers of 12 tons
  • Spacious parking space for 227 cars in the first, second basement level
  • Using new non-toxic eco-friendly refrigerant of 404a
  • Installed rooftop heliport enables emergency evacuation in the event of fire
  • A disinfecting room enables disinfection of fruits
  • 3 inspection rooms enable the inspection of a great quantity and multiple products

– Cold storage capacity

구 분
SF Class
SF&F Class
SF Class
C&F Class
합 계
BOX 비고
10층 10th Floor 5,703 5,703 C&F급(Class)
9층 9th Floor 5,794 5,794 UTIT COOLER
8층 8th Floor 5,794 5,794 UTIT COOLER
7층 7th Floor 5,794 UTIT COOLER
6층 6th Floor 5,794 UTIT COOLER
5층 5th Floor 5,794 UTIT COOLER
4층 4th Floor 5,794 천정코일(Coil Ceiling)
3층 3th Floor 5,998 5,998 C&F급/이동랙
(C&F Class/Mobile RAck Insided)
1층 1th Floor 4,675 4,675 SF급&F급 (SF Class& F Class)
Underground Floor
5,273 5,273 SF급 (Class)
합 계
5,273 4,675 34,766 11,701 56,414